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Fools Guide to filling in Match Report Form

Areas with red type you have to fill in. Home team to send sheet to Les as soon as possible

Date: 18/8/88 Age Group: Under 12s
Division Prem.
Half Time score Full time Score Score A.E.T
Home Team;

Birmingham Ladies

4 5
Away Team;

Coventry City

3 5

Type of fixture (tick appropriate Box)

League Match Open Cup Match


League Cup/Shield Supplementary


Referees Name Les Barrett
Referees Reg. Number 112233




Team             Home           Away Team             Home           Away
No No
No No
No No
No No
No No
Kick Off Time:


Referees Signature


Page Two

Fill the Away team the same as Home

Home Team

Birmingham Fc

Leagues G/S
No Player Name (print) Signature Reg No
1 Chirstine.Kirkland Chirstine.Kirkland 244
2 Leanne.Dixon Leanne.Dixon 556
3 Sarah.Pearce Sarah.Pearce 8374
4 Rebecca.Fowler Rebecca.Fowler 656 2
5 Toni Adams Toni Adams 5465
6 Jane Stam Jane Stam 863
7 Michelle Owen Michelle Owen 854 2
8 Nelly Quinn Nelly Quinn 456
9 Paula Scholes Paula Scholes 65465
10 Davina Beckham Davina Beckham 656
11 Tina Sheringham Tina Sheringham 456


12 Roberta Keane Roberta Keane 56465
13 Sam Campell Sam Campell 4654
14 Laura Smith Laura Smith 6546
15 Natalie Jones Natalie Jones 646
16 Joanne Ginola Joanne Ginola 465 1


No13     For    6   No   12   For    4    No   16     For  7
No        For         No         For

Team Managers Signatures  B.Robson


Home Team Managers Match Reports

Great Game played with a great spirit. Football was end to end. The girls where a great credit to both teams. The Number 7 for Coventry was outstanding.


Managers Signature...B.Robson



Away Team Managers Match Reports

Outstanding game of football. Played at speed with great skill and ability. Both teams cancelled each other out.


Managers Signature...B.Robson


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