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Coventry City Girls FC

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Coventry City runs teams at all age groups. At Under 12s and at Under 14s we have 2 teams. We are friendly club who's main aim above all is for girls to have fun and to enjoy themselves. On this page you will find some of our teams match reports fixture and results.

Under 10s Manager: Claire Price Under 10s Coach: Andy Meaney

Under 12s Manager: Brian Ellis Under 12s Assistant Manager and Coach: David Seale Under 12s Coaches: Lynn Meaney, Steve Meaney, Darren George

Under 12s 2000 Manager: Jimmy Pollock Under 12s 2000 Coaches:David Seale, Lynn Meaney, Steve Meaney and Darren George

Under 14s Manager: Andy Vernon Under 14s Coaches: Austin Hannon, Keith Willis and Andy Buckle

Under 14s 2000 Manager: Steve Norman Under 14s 2000 Coaches:

Under 16s Manager: Tom Williamson Under 16s Coaches: Neil Wilson and Martin Roddy


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